Card blocking: what you need to know

Have you been the victim of a theft or have you lost your card? It is recommended that you stop using your card as soon as possible to avoid fraudulent use. Indeed, this measure will allow the bank to secure your bank account. Want to know more about card cancellation? Read on.

When to cancel a card?

Stopping a card is a procedure that consists of invalidating the use of your bank card to make any transaction. According to the law, there are four instances in which someone may find it necessary to stop their card. When you misplace your card or your card is fraudulently used, then you can stop the card. Similarly, a card stop is allowed when the card is stolen, in the case of a receivership or liquidation. The website explains this a little more.

How do I cancel my card?

To stop your card, you have several possibilities. Indeed, you can contact directly the special number of the interbank server or call the number that your bank gave you when you registered. You can also cancel your card at a counter, by mail, or by phone with acknowledgment of receipt. If your card is stolen, you must notify the police.

Can the request to stop the card go through?

If you have the right to cancel your card, it is important to remember that you will not always be successful. Indeed, if your negligence and lack of vigilance were the cause of the fraudulent withdrawal of money from your account, you should know that the bank is completely disengaged. The bank will not be able to return the money illegally withdrawn from your account.  In addition, if the report of the loss of your card has been fabricated, your claim will not be considered and you will still suffer a heavy penalty. It is therefore essential to take care of your card and avoid losing it.








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