Chatbot Development: Challenges and Solutions

The world of technology and artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, with chatbot development standing out as one of the most prominent trends. Chatbots are revolutionising user experiences across various sectors such as customer service, healthcare, e-commerce and much more. However, crafting an efficient and intelligent chatbot is not devoid of challenges; it requires a thoughtful blend of technical prowess and understanding human language nuances. This blog post delves into these complexities associated with developing a chatbot while exploring potential solutions to tackle them eff... Read more

Breach in Microsoft software affects more than 20,000 US companies

A breach in Microsoft's email software had affected more than  20,000 U.S. companies. Their information was assessed by a backdoor that was installed in the recently fixed Microsoft's email software. Businesses in Asia and Europe have also been compromised.  According to an official, the breach has far more reaching consequences than the SolarWinds attack that was hacked by Chinese hackers late last year. Microsoft's breach has allowed the information of credit unions, small businesses, and town governments vulnerable to viewing by hackers.  Microsoft is working with the US Federal government... Read more